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Remember how I said my sister was in hospital to have her baby? Well she finally delivered the baby.

I woke up at 6 am Wednesday and looked at my messages to find a picture of my new niece who was born at 3:40am. Like me, she is a Wednesday’s child 😀


I then quickly messaged as many family members as possible and waited to call my sister at a decent time. It was only before midnight on Tuesday that we were told it would be a normal delivery, but things can suddenly take a turn for the worse.

Come around 9:30am, I was able to talk to my brother-in-law and was reassured that it was a normal delivery and that both mum and baby were well. But visiting hours were from after lunch; instead of being able to run to the hospital, I ended up staying home to complete a 3,000 word uni assignment. All in all, it wasn’t a fun day as a result.



I aimed to spend the first 3 days of the week on the uni tasks and the rest of reading the texts for college. People ask why I keep banging on about reading so many books. The reality is that although I did my undergrad in English Lit, it doesn’t mean I’ve all the books in the world (I know, surprise!). And anything I have read, I now have to re-read because it was too long ago :/

But it’s different this time. I’m reading it to teach, not for pleasure so much. I have to read it like a student to deliver it to students. It really does feel like university again. The sleepless nights and sitting in front of a laptop has taken it’s toll on my face and health. Today I feel poorly and am breaking out like a teenager. So I decided to make a face mask; some me time was needed.

Tumeric & acv face mask [249539]

I used the turmeric as an anti-inflammatory to help with the breakout. It realy is as bad as it sounds; you could actually play dot-to-dot on my face 😦

But I will admit, after spending time on my assignment, from 8:30am-10pm on Wednesday, I indulged in some chill-out watching. Anime is easiest for this. Each episode is 20mins, so watching an entire season is very easy. Last night I began and complete Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) 😀


Then around lunch time my sister and the newborn were discharged from the hospital. Both have come over to my house but I spent all of 15mins with the baby and now I sit in my room trying to plough through the books.

Makes you wonder what life is. I was reminded today by someone of a quote from The Godfather This is the price you pay for the life you choose. Indeed it is. And yet again I am brought back to my earlier doubts about teaching. You know all these things; the late night marking, lesson planning, reading, OFSTED, parents evening, recruitment interviews etc etc…Yet…yet I’m reminded again of what little time I have left for myself and family. I’m a very independent person who isn’t home too often and likes to always be occupied with something, but to know that I can’t give more time to a niece I’ve been waiting to see for 6 months…is quite disheartening.

Sounds like the beginning of someone that wants to quit. I don’t. I won’t. In fact, I do enjoy teaching. It’s just all the extra paperwork around it that’s already dragging me down.

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