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Friday & Saturday

From Friday Evening I’ve been re-reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini to teach the GCSE students for their controlled assessment.

ZomboDroid31102015084229 [271900]This was something I read some time back and I can actually say that it is my favourite book. For Hosseini’s first novel, it is beautifully written and rich with history and feeling. It is definitely worth reading, but the GCSE students only have 6 weeks to know all about it, meaning only a few chapters can be studied and taught.

I won’t spoil the book for those who haven’t read it, but it has moments in the book that have made me cry over these two days than when I read it originally. Probably because I’ve had to focus on the language and decipher pages I already found hard to read…

I began Friday with work. Then spent the middle with catching up with a friend over food:

Turkish feast [270882]

Then got home to start reading Kite Runner.

But mum’s helping my sister with the newborn so I had to spread out my reading between cooking lunch and dinner. Lunch was jap chae and dinner was usual curry.

ZomboDroid31102015021329 [267019]

Coming back to the book, I’m hoping it translates well with the class. With the students being majority boys and the novel based on two male childhood friends, I want them to at least like it, if not really enjoy it. With a class of re-sit GCSE students it’s difficult to get them excited about much. Which takes me to state some interesting observations I’ve made;

  1. majority of the students have either grown up in England or come from abroad
  2. most are boys
  3. when writing up any work, I’ve read some amazing pieces of writing
  4. they zoom through most of the tasks and are left bored for majority of the lessons

So it ones wondering why they’re there! And the most common or obvious reason is that those who were born here just didn’t bother. As simple as that. Which means they have to then sit through things they’ve already learnt but must go over. In short, the year is just one loooong revision to them. This results in low turn outs in class and minimal class participation because many are not bothered.

Anywho, I’m just glad I get to actually teach them something interesting.

It’s odd for me to re-read anything. Once I’ve read something, I don’t visit it again. Yet, I hardly sell, give away or dispose of books I have read. I hoard them 😀 But with this book, I’ve come back to it and found it easy to get lost in the descriptions of Afghanistan of a childhood as sweet as the pomegranates that keep popping up through the pages.

And I can go on with quoting lines from this book. Lines that touch your heart and fill your mind. But the two that resonated with me most and have never left my memory are:

For you, a thousand times over


“And that’s the thing with people about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too”