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When I woke up today, I didn’t expect the fog.

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It seemed appropriate after people’s celebration of Halloween I guess O_O

Haiku: Fog

Darkness slept outside, 

Then colour came, turning grey.

I felt cold, cold, cold. 

Lame one, but it just came to me 😀

I’ve had soo many messages today from fellow teachers and trainees crying over how today is the final day of half-term. The late mornings end. The late-night films end. The holidays are over. I too feel quite sad *sheds a tear*

But for me, it was no joke of a holiday. I spent all my efforts on getting on top of work. Try as I might, I’m certainly not ahead *weeps*

The main agenda of this week has been my assignment and reading the material for college. The assignment was on ‘how to be a good self-reflective teacher?‘ This drained me for the first half of the holiday and has since left me wondering how critical we have to be as teachers, of our ourselves and our teaching.

Then I came across this message today on facebook (yes, it has some useful purposes lol)

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And it reminded me of how I’m self-critical anyway, but thought I would be ok with teaching. I know I have plenty to learnt, but I’m passionate and dedicated enough. It’ll be fine. But now it looks like we’re not safe there either :/

The above message is so wonderful and needs to be spread and believed in.

Interestingly enough, I was having a conversation with someone today. I was telling them how their views on how people perceived them was very revealing of how little they thought of themself. It was sad to have to say that to someone. To reveal to them that they might not like themselves, that they think they lack value, that they’re not enough.

This is not to say we don’t all need improvement. But this idea of being better can cloud your mind and make you lost, lose sight of how good things are already. Kinda like the fog from this morning…

Let us not lose ourselves in what others want. As hard as it is, we need to hold onto our essence and what makes us, US. We are all beautiful, individual, unique spirits that share this small dot of a planet amongst infinite galaxies. Our lives are too short for lack of self-worth and doubt. And in old age we will regret more things if we care too much now. We know that success and beauty come in all kinds and forms, so to focus on one kind is to limit yourself. And why would you want to do that?! 🙂


To end this farewell post to half term (really am crying inside!), here is what my sister had to do to her baby girls clothes. But she pulls off that pin pretty well ^_^

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