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It’s the week back after half term after yesterday’s training day, people are still asking each other how their half term went and how they spent it. When I met up with my mentor today we asked each other the same questions and both responses were ‘I didn’t get a half term!’

People who are jealous about teachers getting over 8 weeks holiday over the year are very sadly mistaken. It’s time off teaching, but it might as well me called marking/planning/reading/researching time :/ My soar throat has gotten worse and I sound like a boy going through puberty. Which I’m praying disappears by Friday when I have to deliver 2 lessons O_O They won’t be able to understand me much with the raspy voice and frequent coughing.


But what was the topic of conversation today was when we were bidding farewell to a fellow English teacher who was going away on maternity leave. Aside from wishing her well and asking her to send baby photos, we asked about that class. The class that put her in despair, that made her cringe with worry when it was time to teach them, in short, the class the whole department hated and, dare I say it, were afraid of. This one poor pregnant teacher had to deal with them 3 times a week, making that 4.5 hrs of torture. And today she would have taught them, but seeing as it’s her last day she said goodbye and good riddance (in her head of course!) and left the lesson.

What she baked for us: raspberry and white-choco cake and blueberry  muffin.

What she baked for us: raspberry and white-choco cake and blueberry muffin.

And now that she’s left, the hand over to the new teacher was quite an occasion. Usually you briefly go over what topics need covering, but this new teacher needed to have a meeting booked minutes taken. She was told EVERYTHING about each student so as to arm her them against them 😦

I haven’t yet had to teach that one class, thankfully. I have a likely class and they can be very talkative, but nothing on the level of having students literally treat their classroom as if it were their bedroom. No one wanted to teach that class, but this unlucky teacher now has to.

I do sometimes think that perhaps if I got my terrible class (they say every teacher has at least one of these) then I would really feel like a teacher, go through the same challenges and whatnot. But after looking at the relief on that teacher’s face, knowing that she’s leaving them behind…I’ve changed my mind