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Yesterday, I forgot to share the most important pictures for this month: ramadan prep.

Yes, I made samosas and spring rolls as I do every year. I tell mum that samosas take tooo long so I want to use the same meat/chicken filling but in a spring roll. She refuses. This is usually how the conversation goes:

Mum: Ok, I need to you to make samosas.

Me: Can’t I make spring rolls? I did that last year.

Mum: That only happened because I wasn’t bothered to talk to you whilst planning my trip to America.

Me: But samosas take aaaages! [make sad face]

Mum: You used to make them each year. What’s happened to you recently?!

Me: 3 hours of sitting is too long a time to be spent on food

Mum: Then you can stand.

Me: …that’s not the point

Mum: Don’t you get it? Samosas look pretty to eat

Me: But it all comes out the same in the end [yeah…I pulled that card]

Mum: [Glares]

And I could go on, but it’s a useless tennis match that always ends with us not agreeing and her telling anyone who will listen about how I won’t make samosas. You would think that by being in your mid twenties your mother would have stopped verbally humiliating you to the Asian mothers of the town and globe, but alas, an Asian mother is an Asian mother, always.

So apart from the samosas (that I ended up making ¬.¬) and the rolls (that she still wanted on top of the other frozen foods) I was actually talking about a different prep: stock.

All the rice in east London:

The good markets of the UK are on to us. Before we even know it, you’re reminded by places like ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s etc that it’s nearly Ramadan. How? Through the great Ramadan sales of course!!! I’ve been seeing litres of sunflower oil and cans of chickpeas on offer since after easter. These competitive stores remind me every year that (a) they’re on to us! (b) they’re on to us. There’s no escaping how they know the kind of greasyness we indulge in for that month and that we’re suckers for discounts and bulk buying. So when mum heard there’s a sale on rice, she made me order 11 bags of 10kg rice!ZomboMeme05062016234202 05062016234202

But it didn’t end there. We needed oil, chickpeas, plum tomato and a bit more rice:

chickpea galore

When the delivery man walked into the house for the extra rice, oil and cans, he saw the golden tower and said ‘Oh you have some already?!’ I nearly died. Then every person who sees the golden tower ask if we’re opening a business, are we having biryani everyday for Ramadan or they joke that we’ve taken all the rice in east London…

Day 2 suhoor time I decided to ham ramyun. I wanted something filling but simple and noodles is a good go-to food in ramadan:

suhoor day 2

I’m actually under the weather and have been since Monday. I woke up with a clogged throat and by the evening my nose was leaking like a tap and I felt like a radiator. It’s been the same today too. So, I needed something warm and healthy, even though it felt like 21 degrees outside.

For Day 2, I had one of my sisters over with her baby and then along came the kids after school, meaning they stuck around for iftar and the menu was bigger today:

The profiterole was the highlight of the meal. It was nice to have something sweet at the end of a meal. Although I don’t actually like profiteroles, it’s amazing how lovely things taste after fasting!!! It’s definitely numbers that make a party and a feast, and feast we did. Still able to move, but I knew I had still overdone it…

So to compensate, and to keep cool, I used the leftover watermelon to make juice:

RD DAY 2 watermelon juice

And now as I type this, there’s a not so hairy but large spider in my room. It’s on the opposite wall to my bed and I hope it disappears or died above the wardrobe like the last one did. No one else gets spiders in their room like I do, and I’m the last person that wants their company.

giphy (2)

Help me!