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After the big iftar of yesterday, I wanted to keep it light at suhoor. So I looked through the cupboards and found something I hadn’t eaten in years…:

RD DAY 3 Cornflakes for suhoor

I don’t know about other peoples households but this was something I chomped on for most days as a kid. Then, as the years progressed it begame an Andy whilst we grew fascinated with the Buzz lightyears. So my brother must have bought it, as he’s on his health kick, and I got to enjoy the simple taste (not flavourless taste like haters say!) of Cornflakes 😀


It rained again today. The sky was dark making it feel like it would be sunset soon. Then then the rest of the day took a u-turn and the sun came out to play again. Although there’s still roughly 6 more weeks of school left, I’m reminded of my own summer school days. Especially those summers from when Ramadan was in the shorter days of the winter and I would come home to break my fast after watching some CITV 😀 The generation now that is fasting whilst doing their GCSE’s or A Level exams have it tough. I’ve thankfully escaped the trial of fasting and doing an exam. But a niece of mine has had to struggle through her exams this summer. I hope she’s coping well 🙂

But with the mercy of the rain, the temperature was cooler and I felt like I could get some cleaning done. It was time to clean out the budgies cage and I remembered then that my family had decided to give them up. What looked cute in a shop window is now a nuisance. I thought I was loud but these birds compete for our attention all day long. As a family, we’ve decided to sell them.

So I got them and the cage looking handsome, and took some pictures for my Gumtree ad:

RD DAY 3 Lola and Freddie

If by chance anyone is interested in purchasing Lola and Freddie (cage, sanded sheets, seeds, feeding pots for water and food and mirror toy ALL part of the purchase) please get in touch. You can look up the ad under 2 budgies for sale 🙂


And after putting up the ad, I was bombarded with Ramadan memes from friends. I love a good meme and I thought I would share some of the memes that I can connect a story to.


I’ve never missed suhoor. I either stayed awake, heard my alarm or had my folks shake me out of bed. But one Ramadan (before the days I could fast I think) my 2nd eldest sister said she would take the responsibility of waking everyone up. But instead, my 3rd eldest sister luckily woke up 10mins before sunrise and called my folks in time to each quickly. The 2nd sister on the other hand…slept through it all and had to fast with no gas :/


It’s hard to manage the fasting breath. I usually do all sorts to keep my breath to myself but one day, I know it reached someone…This one time a friend and I were out shopping. Every time I got close, she would discreetly move back but I could tell anyway..  *hides face*


Men are men. At least once a year someone will ask me about fasting, why I didn’t wake up for suhoor, or why I missed fajr jamah with the family…seriously 0.o



Some people have a hard time looking at food in Ramadan. I really don’t. Because by looking at the pictures or cooking shows on TV, I must be vicariously eating because I don’t feel hungry. A few Ramadans back mum caught me watching cooking shows after cooking shows and she yelled ‘Oi! You’re fasting. What are you doing?!’ ‘Mum’ I coolly replied, ‘I’m eating’



A very long time ago when my nephew was young and impatient (still is really) he sat at the table, counting down the minutes to iftar. The rest of us were running about getting the table set and counting plates. The next thing I hear is someone yell Ey, the room goes silent and I’m looking at my nephew with the glass of water in his hands and his lips wet. Whilst we all started telling him off, the maghrib adhan could be heard from the TV, 30 seconds after he had taken his sip *face palm*


Today’s iftar was a request made by older bro: he was missing pasta.

RD DAY 3 pasta

There were also mature (dad doesn’t like young ones) chicken nuggest that dad decided to make last minute, meaning the house till now (past midnight) smells of burnt oil. Mum tried to stop him, considering it was fried and would take ages since it needed to be made on low heat , but he was adamant on feeding us *shrugs*

And as a treat, I made:

RD DAY 3 PB n banana ice cream

Vegan and gluten free, this ice cream only had 2 ingredients: frozen banana and peanut butter. Into the blender and I had it ready for iftar. I went mad on the chocolate toppings, which I threw out in the end since they didn’t have any flavour, so it was a healthy treat after yesterdays profiterole party