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Suhoor was interesting.

The bread was going out of date and there were 3 left. I didn’t really want all 3 but I knew leaving one slice would be sacrilege  if mum saw it left in the fridge in the morning. As I’m toasting my bread, mum comes down and fails to aim for her mug as she pours water from the jug. I come to the rescue to clean up the mess. I smell burning, nearly set off the fire alarm and have all 3 of the breads burnt 😦

My brother takes one out of pity. I finish of the other 2 by scraping off the top. Then, when frying my egg, the yolk spilt out and I had to save what I could of it. Then my fish fingers were taking aaaages to heat up and I almost didn’t have time to eat them. It was an all around mad morning and it felt like the tone for the day would be set by how suhoor was all frantic and rushed.

RD DAY 4 suhoor

Today’s plan: I was on duty to babysit.

My 2nd eldest sister lives nearly 15 miles away from me but she needed help with her twin boys so I was on hand to help. But once I got to Tottenham and had boarded the bus, there were fire trucks blocking everyone’s path. This left the bus driver with no choice but to terminate the bus and let us off. So I’m 1.5 mile away from my sister’s place and the road is blocked so my bus won’t be coming down at all. So, I walked.

Reaaaal slow, but I walked it. My weather app said it was 21 degrees, which was a lie, and I wasn’t in the mood to be up against someone’s sweaty armpits in the bus. By the time I arrived I was a little tired and my stomach felt like it had pulled a muscle. I arrived to find one twin asleep but the other’s nose flowing with snot. All the kids had a viral infection and had bunked at my place for the half term, meaning I knew where I got my cold from and unfortunately, the twins got it too. We three were glued to the tissue box as I spent the rest of the hot afternoon playing with them and getting more tired. My sister is having to fast an manage her twins along with her primary school children. Her hardships are far greater than mine and I’ve seen how they’ve worn her away over the years. But for all the right reasons, she’s become a stronger person, more patient and more hopeful for her future.

On my return to my abode, I found that we had been given our first iftari. This is when a neighbour gives out some food or enough to equate to a-meal-for-one to a fellow family. They are a really sweet family and always give us iftari first, which makes mum and I feel a little bad for not giving it earlier. But the things is, we’ve had iftaris from them before and others, and it’s always the death meal for every person with diabetes and high cholesterol. An iftari is like giving your neighbour a grant mini-feast from your table. But we’ve been planning on eating like paupers for the month, and now know we’ll need to return the iftari with a meal equal in oil and gram-flour. So at some point this month, we’ll be making biryani for sure.

RD DAY 4 iftari

They’re so sweet to even give an additional box of Bangali mishti (sweets) and I was as happy as a lamb 😀

RD DAY 4 iftar