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I wanted a fancy meal.  But to keep things simple in a short space of time, I only spruced up the sesame noodles I had earlier in the week and added more flavours:

RD DAY 5 sesame noodles

The family watched as I had my epic meal, and epic it was. I nearly didn’t finish it because I drank so much water post iftar.

The day:


A friend of mine lives in Japan now and she’s been mailing me treats every few months. Last time it was the new baked Kitkats:

This time it was a mixture of different flavoured Pocky and Kitkats 😀

RD DAY 4 kitkat and pocky feast


There’s a story behind this 2nd gift box that I have to share because it’s terribly cute. My friend put it up on facebook for me:

kitkat story

I was grinning from ear to ear when I read this. Such a cute little conversation 🙂 So now my mission is to get through the box of chocolates and tell her what I think. My desserts for the rest of Ramadan is sorted 👍

Also, my friend (let’s give her a name: Vicky) runs a blog in collaboration with another friend of ours. They both draw amazing pictures weekly based on changing themes. Each artist brings their own style to the theme on hand and produce some amazing stuff! Please check out their blog and show some love  👍



My cousins from Canada are coming over for the summer, right after Eid. This meant that on the day before Ramadan my siblings and I cleared out my room to make space for a new bed to be put next to mine. Only during the clear out did I see how many books I’ve accumulated over the years. Now, I have to think about putting them in the loft or getting rid of them. I don’t want my books up where I’ll most likely forget about them and not read them. Yes, majority of the books I have are unread. A Japanese word exists for people like me who buy books but not actually read them:

tsundoku Day 5

So I’ve tried to change my tsundoku ways and restrained myself from buying books for a long time. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still have a lot of books. 8 drawers and 6 52 Litres boxes full of books 😲

As a book worm and collector of books, I’m perfectly fine with my collection. But I realise that regardless of my cousins coming over to stay, I’m genuinely running out of places to put them all. So that can only mean one thing: getting rid of them! *weeps*

I spent all of today making a book inventory so that I can work through selling them or giving them away. I tackled my  8 drawers first. On my list I only got at far as 61 books, but it took me from 12-7:30 to sort through all the school, college and university paperwork I still clung to. I came across a lot of my GCSE English notes, notes I had dearly cherished and couldn’t bear to part with even after all these years. But I remembered my niece is doing her exams next year so I know at least 1 book will go to a good home. The rest will have to wait.

There were so many forgotten memories buried between each sheet of lined paper that had curled and browned over time. My handwriting was larger, clearer and very childlike for someone of 15/16. I leafed through the essays and scribbled notes, cringed at the poorly written essays, awed at the site of a poem I had actually enjoyed reading etc.

And then I came across one of my own poems. I had written it for a friend whilst she was off sick, but it sounds more like a love letter.


Life will fade like a flower,

thoughts will leave with the breeze,

many things fade quickly

except friendship.

Take each day seriously as it comes,

try to break less hearts

even though friendship is about forgiving.

Be there for them as they are for you.

If you ever need advice,

you’ll know who to turn to.

Things only come to an end

once you forget.


I never did give this to her. I realised how cheesy it sounded and I lost the courage to give it. But more importantly, I figured out that I was also telling her how to change. She was seemed to be strong and independent, but she still ended up falling into the wrong group of friends again and again. I would watch from the sidelines as she got hurt and took my arm and shoulder for recovery as she told me all her sorrows. She would vow to never go back and yet, back she went. At times she hurt me and most of the time she hurt herself. She was never herself but with me. She was never genuine but when talking to me. Something was always expected of her by others, but not by me. After school we lost touch and I’ve only seen her once since our last day of school. School can feel like a jungle and we do all sorts to fit in or get by alive. So much time has passed since I knew her as the troubled girl that she was all those years ago, that I wonder at times what she’s like now.

I  know I’ve changed from who I was at 15 to who I am now. Although I enjoyed learning, the people were at times unbearable. To have to drudge through 5 years with the same people who don’t seem any different from when they were 11 is a trial. They become like the relatives you never wanted but have to see all the time ¬.¬ So very glad those days are looong behind me 😀

That poem did bring back bitter sweet memories, mixed in with all my other school notes and certificates still kept neatly in plastic wallets and folders. But today I got rid of it all, leaving me with 1 empty drawer! Which I’ll most likely have to fill with books again tomorrow. I still have 6 boxes of books and college/uni notes to get through. It’ll easily take me till Sunday.

RD DAY 5 Wrap meal

I didn’t take a picture of my wrap because it was in a mess and I was still trying to fold it when it was time to eat. I was too tired to attempt taking proper shots, so I settled for the table instead 🙂