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Yesterday was the beginning of my book inventory and today it continued till late afternoon. I got through over easily 2000 sheets of paper that I no longer needed, but had at some point kept telling myself “It’ll be useful…someday

RD DAY 6 recycling

Amongst the papers lay a piece of work I had done for a Creative Writing module, a research project of something I would like to investigate. I chose the issue of the misunderstood people with a physical disability, mental disability or mental health issue. I compared the difference between how people in these categories are treated in Bangladesh and Britain, social awareness, attitudes etc.

The results showed that with a lack of awareness, societies in those parts of the world. I don’t have to give figures here to show that. Time and time again when I have visited parts of Bangladesh to see family, I noticed how they teased people who looked physically different and how they class anyone who suffers from mental disability or mental health problems as being crazy.






Down’s Syndrome

etc etc are all the same to them and cannot be told apart.

There are even people in western countries that are still in the dark about these sorts of things, making it harder for people suffering to come forward and talk about their suffering or be given help and guidance.

And what really touched my heart is this blogger by the name of MindofMary.

A lovely person who didn’t want to exclude the very people who might be made to feel excluded in Ramadan. Below are the pictures that she shared on facebook and are on her blog:


Please check out her blog for more adorable doodles!

It’s easy to feel like you’re being left out of the best party when you’re not fasting, so for someone to let them know they’re not forgotten is a lovely idea. Because these are the silent heroes that day in, day out have to fight their demons and still get through work, pay their bills, feed their kids and smile even when they’re falling apart.

On a lighter note, I discovered my own attempt at being an artist:

RD DAY 6 art work

(left) Iron Gian (right) Homer Simpson

I was 12/13 when I drew this. As a young kid I drew quite well, and then it just went south one day. Although my rendition of Homer is a kinder one, what with his weight loss and youthful face…but I think my Iron Giant isn’t all that bad 🙂

RD DAY 6 iftar

When you can’t be bothered to make anything so you just add what the freezer offers! Hash brown with kisuri/kitchri