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Day 9:

It was one of those days where time seems slow down and you feel like you have plenty of it, then the day takes a shift and somehow you’re up at 2am washing dishes, not knowing how it all happened.

I woke up yesterday to find a lovely Something for you red card from Royal Mail letting me know they legged it even when we were all home at 9am ¬.¬ So I decided not to chase after them but have them come to me. I’m done with going down to the office and queuing in that cramped space with the other angry victims of hit and run postmen. I’ve taken the risk and opportunity to have them deliver the package again this Friday. I’ll have to camp near the front door.

I decided to help with the school run today and chose to wear light clothes and my sketchers trainers. The weather was warm but the clouds were dark. But it’s a short walk, nothing should happen. So I picked up nephew then picked up niece, and just as I was helping her zip up her jacket, the clouds burst open and we were under attack. Teacher’s quickly closed the door and watched parents and children run to the car park or hunt for shelter. We three were too late. As we searched for shelter, we dodged puddles, people and umbrellas. One umbrella got caught on my scarf but the lady didn’t stop and nor could I. So I yanked it off and kept going. All the shelters were taken…we had to keep going. By the time we got home we three had water in our socks and every layer of clothing soaked. I was told off for not being the responsible adult and waiting under a shelter. When I narrated what had happened, they stopped telling me off and began consoling me. Family, ey!

After drying off and changing clothes, the rest of the afternoon was spent shopping. It was one of my sister’s wedding anniversaries and she wanted to buy herself a treat and some dessert for iftar. It was 7pm by the time we got home.

Then the cooking began to ensue.

It was all such a blur really. The folks had decided to give iftari  to everyone on our street so the restaurant style pans were out and the kitchen was a bomb site. I was flying about the house with towels, spatulas, cucumbers and knives in my hand doing 10 things at the same time. Once the neighbours had got their iftari, it was now our turn to set the tables. We just about managed to do it all just before sunset!!!!

RD DAY 9 iftarRD DAY 9 Sweets

But then came the crazy clean up!

We loaded the dishwasher. But we had dishes left.

Prayed, then came to find more in the sink. But we still had dishes left.

I went to pray tarawih and came back to STILL find more dishes.

I could keep going, but in short; it didn’t end till 2am!

giphy (2)

Day 10:

Dad had decided to make iftari for my one of sister’s who lives far far away…It’s actually Tottenham but it might as well be Scotland considering how long it takes to travel via public transport. Plus with the twins, my sister rarely visits. Dad really wanted to treat her to a nice big meal so he was pretty much cooking ALL day. Mum and I surrendered the kitchen up to him and did our own things.

So once he left to deliver the goods, mum and I just dealt with the clean up and were ready for iftar. Thanks to yesterday’s feast, it was leftover day. But I had planned on having more of my dessert. It’s an Asian sweet called milk barfi. Although my family think it has no flavour, to me it tastes like sweet baby formula milk powder 🙂

RD DAY 10 iftar