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I’m not well again so I’ve been in my room all day. Have been stuck in that faze of being too warm to wear a jumper but being too cold to sit near a window. Whilst in bed, my siblings and I planned our iftar via WhatsApp.

My brother got a voucher for 50% off an order from Pizza Hut, meaning he was on the case. I looked away from my phone for 10min and when I returned there were 30 messages and some of them were asking if I were dead or alive and if I didn’t mind pizza. Another 30 messages later we all agreed on pizza but all I had to do was confirm things with the boss. So I plodded downstairs and asked mum if she was cool with it. She didn’t mind but dad doesn’t like pizza. So as back up, my siblings and I made sure one of us was assigned the task of buying hash-browns.

Meanwhile, over on the internet, there has been a meme explosion for the most anticipated film of the year!


Been waiting since my school days for this to happen 😀

My brother was all organised and set the delivery for 9pm. At 7pm my brother received message telling him there is a shortage of drivers so the delivery will be roughly 20mins late. We weren’t worried since iftar was at 9:23 and having fresh, hot pizza was better. There was no stress over preparation and we were all in good spirits.

9:15 Everyone is on watch for a car or keeping an ear out for the doorbell.

9:20 We’re all looking at dad’s pile of hash-browns and fish fingers

9:23 Dad shares out his food and we break out fast really slowly so the food lasts longer

9:40 By this point my brother is about to cancel the order and make a complaint over the phone when the doorbell rings.

My sister and brother to find a wearing looking delivery man who might or might not be Muslim and might or might not have been fasting. So we didn’t have a go at him but simply checked our order and tucked in.

But, I was only to eat my food, not enjoy it. Due to them being freshly made and delivered, they had somehow absorbed the smell of the box in which they had come, making them taste of nothing but cardboard. No amount of sauce or salad could save it, leaving me feeling unsatisfied and disappointed after the long wait.

RD DAY 11 iftar