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Today I came across something I never knew existed. A forum of sorts to help people in their own towns to meet, connect, share ideas, sell, buy, warn etc. The letter was addressed to the house so I opened it, ready to throw it in the bin. On a whim I decided to join Streetlife.com and came across some lovely people and some funny stories.

RD DAY 12 street life tortoise

I very much agreed with Bill there XD

Then there was something more serious. I thought it was very kind to warn people and informed me of something I didn’t think happened!

RD DAY 12 street life car post

And then there was this…O_O

RD DAY 12 street life sledge hammer

Notice how the request was put up 2 weeks ago and no one had responded. The location is ‘Shooter’s Hill’ and the notice had no likes. Either this joke just didn’t work as planned or people got the message but didn’t want to report the Mr Richard E…! 


Back to just the family for iftar, it was a very simple affair with more fruit and less faff. But still a mishmash of sorts:

RD DAY 12 iftar

PS I ate them separately so I can’t comment on the possible flavour combo here. Perhaps next time 😀