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Seems too early to be preparing for Eid, however the idea is that we slowly plan then execute it.

Every Eid the children are sort of stuck indoors playing and then getting told off for touching things and then they complain that they’re bored and when we tell them to play in the garden they end up near the plants and then get told off and it starts all over again.

SO, to make things more fun for the kids and make Eid filled with positive memories, I’ve been brainstorming indoor and outdoor games that they can play, all without breaking the bank. I did create these games a few Eids back; it was fun but also quite an ordeal. I was basically babysitting all day and still managed to have upset parents at my throat because some of their brats didn’t win a game (so they clearly lost) and didn’t get the trophy (which is also quite obvious considering that’s what a competition is ¬.¬). But I’ve learnt from my mistake and have taken out all competitions. They either play for fun or they go pick weed out of the garden.

These past 2 days have been spent doing odd things but mainly eid game prep, so I decided to combine the two days and make one post.


The lights are to make the house look pretty. I bought a short version without realising it but thought it would be good to test how it works and how it’ll look. These fairy lights had 8 settings of lighting (but I’m sure it was only 4/5) and it looked incredibly pretty. So now I’ve got to return them and buy longer ones. These were only 12 metres and it’s clear in the picture that they couldn’t cover a basic sized window. I’m now hoping to buy the 52 metres one closer to the end of Ramadan 🙂

The bunting, oh the bunting…Buying them can be expensive, even the paper ones. So I started on them wanting to see how long it would take. It wasn’t that long considering I had made a template and used it to make each triangle, but it was nearly iftar time yesterday so I made a few and left it for another day.


RD DAY 13 iftarRD DAY 13 ice cream


 Day 14:

Continued with my efforts to think up more outdoor games. The problem is having a minimum of 50 people in the house along with their kids. If the weather improves then it means more outdoor games, distant screaming and less of a massacre 👍

Rd Day 14 eid noughts n crosses

This was a rough draft of my efforts to make a life size noughts and crosses. Mum wasn’t happy I nearly used up all her kebab skewers but they had been sitting there for over a year so I thought I was good. The plan is to make the lines larger and thicker so that they can withstand being trampled on (since I am dealing with kids) and be used outside on the concrete.

Then the rest of the day had to be spent peeling raw chickpeas. Why dad bought these when it’s possible to but ones that are already peeled is beyond me.

RD DAY 14 peeling

Then come later in the afternoon, I suddenly felt incredibly tired. You know that feeling of having a brain melt down? I couldn’t focus on my work and my body decided to go on holiday and it gave up. I thought it would be one of those moments where once you lie down you won’t fall asleep…but it turns out it didn’t work today. I slept right up until it was time to break our fast.

I came downstairs to the first iftar this year (or ever!) prepared by my brother.

RD DAY 14 noodles

The man loves his noodles 😀