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From the beginning of this week, I’ve had family over and so blogging became impossible so I decided to let it pile up till I got some time to myself. And then the EU results came out Friday and I feel like the week has paled in comparison to such a life changing referendum. And so, I’ll choose to keep this blog short and let my pictures do most of the talking.

RD DAY 15 sweets

These sweets were bought on my last visit to Bangladesh back in 2013. Mum decided found these in the closet hidden away and I’m only seeing them again now after 3 years. The expiry date on them all were either 2014/15 O_O Those coffee sweets were great.

RD DAY 15 closet junk

This is the explosion that took place for one reason: to make space for the 10kg bag of onions we bought for Ramadan ¬.¬

RD DAY 15 poncho

Found this amongst the chaos. My younger brother made this in his school days. Funky, right?!

RD DAY 15 fob making

We used the Christmas themed cutters for the shapes since we had nothing else.

RD DAY 15 fob n noon gora

noon gora

RD DAY 15 pizza mishap

This pizza started off so well…but I made the mistake of nothing seeing that there was another tray onto that was jammed, which then fell on top of the pizza after I closed the door, destroying half of the pizza. In my attempt to salvage it, I spread more mozzarella, which led to the river of cheese…

RD DAY 16 fathers day card

My nieces father’s day card was soo cute. In you can’t read it says “Dear daddy you are the best dad in the world. You get us food you get us clothes even though you aren’t around here that much you are still the best father ever. I love you daddy“. She drew her family on the other side, including her 7 month old baby sister 😀

RD DAY 16 ear pierced

I had to witness two of the kids getting their ears pierced. Thankfully they recovered quick

RD DAY 16 pillaow rice x2

We were getting iftaris left right and center…there was sooo much food!

RD DAY 17 fly problems

Every summer there is a fly infestation and I have to stand guard at the table. So instead I now use all the plates the house has. Mum complains but it just means I can chill for a bit, just a bit

RD DAY 17 iftar

It sound”s like I’m being ungrateful but in fact what I mean is that these were all leftovers from the previous day. Imagine how much we cooked for there to be enough ‘leftovers‘ to feed 7-9 people all over again…? 

RD DAY 18 pass the parcel

Eid prep morning filled with wrapping the toys in inumberable amounts of newspaper.

RD DAY 18 iftari

This is wasn’t just an iftari, it was a family package!!! We still had leftovers

RD DAY 18 iftar

There was so much to eat and I was particularly hungry that day so I stuffed myself then suffered from feeling like a dumpling till I went to bed.

RD DAY 19 fb 1

People were planning on going to Scotland, but setting foot outside now isn’t like how it used to be…

RD DAY 19 fb 3


RD DAY 19 fb 4

It didn’t even take a day for this to happen. Feels like the onset of the American’s 1930’s depression :/

RD DAY 19 fb 5


The memes from day 19 sum up what we’ve all been feeling and talking about at home and, I’m sure, across the UK. A lot of people have declared they’ll move to Scotland, or stay in their little apartments that they have abroad and not return to England. But even that’s looking to be a mission all on it’s own. Thanks to the neo-Nazi, racist, fascist, Islamaphobic, anti-immigration and any other ists or isms that has contributed to the turmoil that the country is now in.