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I was scrolling through my Facebook and behold, what do I find? The bloody cheek of Bubbiology having a limited edition flavour during Ramadan (the world really is against us! Tea and all). But I gave in anyway – so easily persuaded am I – and planned on getting it for today, Bank Holiday Monday.

My sisters kids had actually been fasting the weekend, but on the promise of them being journeying to obtain this new magical flavour, they happily went to bed late and skipped a day’s fast.

I wanted to leave as early as possible since I feared the roads and busses would be packed with bargain hunting mothers and obnoxious free school kids. Yet, to my surprise they all must have been in bed since the journey both there and back was pleasantly calm and spacious. The kids and I happily drowned in our own sweat in the 24° degrees heat instead of having to share it with an unfortunate passenger.

It really did taste lovely! It was MERMAID flavour ^_^

I got 2 more as take-awat for iftar since I’ve now got the family into bubbletea (your welcome!). But pretty much the drink seemed to be the only eventful thing for the day and I imagined it would conclude normally. However

The the topic of marriage popped up out of nowhere and yes, yours truly somehow got involved. At home, someone asked me for advice and help regarding their marriage hunt and I stupidly agreed. My assigned task was to talk to the elders and find stuff out, which all seemed simple enough and not something that would require the whole family to get involved with and have a loong conversation about…right?

I don’t know if I can call it a pet peeve or something, but I really dislike repetitive conversation. I mostly catch myself before I do it and ensure no harm is done. To talk about certain issues after its been raised over a dozen times really wasn’t my cup of tea today. And what made it harder to get out of was because I had started it so I had to see it through till the end. The issue was important to the individual, yet the more I sat there listening and feigning interest, the more I realised I was being used.

The person wanted to get their point across to their family so they used me! Made it appear like they had been wronged so that I could go and relate to their family how hurt they were. As the real story unfolded, I caught on what was really going on so I tried to quickly exit the meeting that had set in motion more emotions and grudges.

How I moved from a nice bubbley morning to a long and exhausting afternoon I still don’t really know. But I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again. These kinds of personal issues and dramas need to left by the door till Ramadan is over. For us all to lose our tempers and have long arguments in the holy month makes no sense. Ramadan is about self reflection and individual development. I didn’t feel any development in that whole episode in the afternoon aside from realising how dramatic people can be.

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Tried to go for something simple like pasta to save time but people are so against a non-Asian meal, we had to throw in samosas ¬.¬