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I am late to this year’s instalment of the goings on of my average life during this blessed and great month, where eatings stops but feasts are aplenty.

This year, we were lucky to have our first day of Ramadan on a bank holiday!!!! This meant we all planned on sleeping in and soaking up the last of the long weekend till the next holiday in Aug [why so far away?! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. ]

So before Monday, I had mum coming back from a 2 month break in Bangladesh and India on Saturday. It was also the day we decided to Eid shop and go IKEA! And when we went out into the world it was like we should have expected – Armageddon shopping! This means families are out pushing through the streets and stepping into puddles to get their bag of flour and frozen samosa. Although I had gone out previously to look for the outfits that I wanted, it still took me nearly 3 hrs and about 15 shops later to finally like an outfit and leave happily. After spending hours in IKEA  – all for a coffee table and a bathroom tumbler – we left and made it to my parents to await mum’s arrival.

Day 00 RD 2019

Top: mango jelly bars, bottom left: leaves…

Mum had come back limping from the long journey and the harsh roads, but she still couldn’t sit still  – she was tidying things and asking where things had been moved.

The best gift from mum were the mango bars. Its a part of my childhood as used to always get them for us and memories from Bangladesh since I  got to see how it was made and try them fresh! And regarding the leaves, I forgot what they were called (rugot maybe…), they’re to enjoy in curry. I’m just glad she didn’t get stopped at the airport for bringing these ‘leaves’ back.

The unfortunate thing was that a request was made and mum didn’t bring back what she thought she was asked to.

Mum: …so whilst we were in Sylhet we quickly went and bought you those biscuits you asked so-and-so for….

And mum continued to talk about who she had to rope in to call in the favour to get them made, who and who had to buy it, how they had to preserve it etc etc, and after all that…

Dad: I never asked for biscuits, I won’t eat this stuff.  I asked for guwa (betel-nut). She must have misheard since the line was breaking up

We all tried really hard to hide our laughing faces from mum! 😀

The ice cream and scones you see in the bottom right was from Sunday as we tried to get rid of food that was going out of date and enjoy food we probably wouldn’t whilst fasting. So all in one go we had hot chocolate, scones and ice cream from our local ice cream truck ㋡

Day 1: 

We all took full advantage of the fact that it was a bank holiday and actually slept in for as long as we could. The day started at 2pm.

But our family cat was scratching at all our doors waiting for us to play with her or let he snif/sleep on something, and so our day was filled with playing with her.

Our beloved cat’s name is Yuki, meaning snow in Japanese, and she has filled my camera up with over 700 photos – making her heavy competition for the husband – filled all our hearts with love and affection and we can’t get enough of her!

=^● ⋏ ●^=

I’ve always wanted a cat, but I learnt very early on that mum would never allow a cat. I remember when I about 13/14 and a friend called to ask if I wanted my pick from a litter of kittens. I told her it was unlikely but I would ask mum, hoping that getting a cat for free would be its plus point, but when I asked mum asked me in return “do you want me to take care of you or the cat?!”

I called my friend back and told her having a cat wasn’t worth homelessness.

But my husband’s youngest brother loved cats like I do, and we tag teamed and got my mother in law to finally agree to getting a cat – all because she didn’t want to deny both her son and me, and wanted us to be happy 😀  Yuki is our beloved house cat. So yes she’s afraid of the world and even a door a bag rustling can make her run.

So into our lives came Yuki:

Day 1 RD 2019 YUKI

And now that I’ve finally introduced her to the world, you will find plenty of her on this blog and beyond.

Day 1 RD 2019

Day 1 was kept simple. Ma was going to make biryani but we just about stopped her. And the handsome black and white cat is Peanut, a friend’s cat who Yuki just didn’t understand…lol

Day 2:

I was slow paced like Monday as we had leftovers, but the bummer was that I was unwell and I had an important job application I needed to complete. So I came down to iftar late as I was finishing up the personal statement, and I forgot to take photos.

Day 2 RD 2019

Yuki spent her time watching me fret over finishing the application and the husband later kept me company playing Pokemon Go

Day 3:

It was going to be a sombre morning – my sister’s uncle in-law had passed away over the weekend. His kidney’s were failing and slowly everything else began to shut down, and eventually all the machines were removed. He left this world as a kind, gentle and good man. He left behind 7 grandkids, 2 children and his wife.

The prayer and viewing took place at East London Mosque (ELM), to which my husband, my father in-law and I attended. There, I met his relatives and bumped into mum and my nephew as we said farewell to him. I didn’t know he was a war hero until someone told me and when I saw the Bangladeshi flag atop the coffin. Although it’s not an Islamic practice to decorate the dead as these are material things the living do but won’t benefit the dead, the flag remained without too much debate and this quiet uncle of ours left to be buried.

After seeing off the body, we had some local shopping to do and since I wasn’t fasting, I was treated to a meal at a nice all day breakfast cafe in Whitechapel called Grounded.

Day 3 RD 2019

We all have a love of mocktails and the easiest and favourite of the family’s are Virgin Mojitos. That was about the most prep we did along with reheating forgotten samosas and pakora’s from the day before.

Whilst trying to keep things healthy, I have Ma, my mother in-law, adamant on feeding me the kebabs and everything else fried, that I think I went through 3 large shingarah’s in a day:

Day 3 iftar RD 2019