I cannot express how hard it was to get out of bed Tuesday morning! I hit the hay for just after 3am and thought I cloud manage to wake up for 7:30.

I set about 3 alarms. 7:30. 7:45. 8:00. All were turned off one by one. After the 8am alarm I still managed to go back to sleep. Until I guess my subconscious was panicking about work, enough to wake me up at 8:25!!! In 15mins I caught my bus that pretty much dropped me to work minutes before 9am!!!

Once at work, I was ready to go home.

Although it’s half term, I have to be in during the holidays. However I have no leave left to take days off in May, so I was stuck coming in everyday this week. One major positive I guess is that it got me into the routine for getting into work whilst fasting. The building was mostly empty, the computer rooms silent and casual clothes were thrown in for the week. 

I’ve waited to post at the end of the week since not much happened. I would sleep at 3:00am and get out of bed by 8:00am, work till 5:00pm and get home to nap till about 7:30pm. Yes, I know 🙂

I’ve never been able to nap. Ever. In my life. The odd accidental falling asleep on the sofa has happened. Beyond that, whenever I’ve tried to intentionally fall asleep in the afternoon…nothing! 

So for the past week I’ve been able to nap enough to have the energy to stay awake till sunrise and be able to get into work on time. I’m not sure how I managed the last couple of years with work and fasting. But the whole napping is so new and wonderful to me, it’s bizarre how I couldn’t do it before. 

The weekend is usually spent sticking up. All of Saturday went by making samosas – my signature Ramadan pastime -_-

But we always make sure to throw in fruits since we know at heart that our iftars are killing us.

London Bridge Attacks: 

Whenever these attacks occur, I choose to not listen. I change the channel, swipe up on my Facebook feed, turn the page on the newspaper and avoid clicking on article links sent via WhatsApp.

My heart goes out to all who were caught up in the attacks and to their family members that are grieving. For there to be 3 attacks in the space of a few months is shocking and almost unreal. But what I feel mostly is anger. Anger that my religion will be used as a scapegoat for other people’s agendas. These monsters were NOT real Muslims. If they were they would have still been in the mosque praying, or stuffing their faces after prayer with cake outside the mosque, or getting some sleep in before waking up for to eat before sunrise. Simply put, he wasn’t one of us.

What’s more scary is that these attacks are happening before the elections. The country is on the brink of going into a an era of either reparation or destruction. Just like how people voted to leave the EU and then regretted it, people will emotionally vote once again and be swayed to think their vote will end ‘terrorism’. 

All I will say is that the real Muslims of this country and of the world were very busy thinking about what to eat after a long day’s fast, or were tucked away in bed when those mad men ensued on their mission of hate. 

Let’s not give in to their message of division. I love London for its people, diversity and openess. Things I want kept alive and going for the long journey ahead of us.